Don’t Miss the Recently Revealed Secrets of HCG diet

The hCG diet was created in the 1950′s by British Endocrinologist Dr. ATW Simeons while observing malnourished women giving birth to full sized and healthy children in underdeveloped countries. The theory is that the hCG allowed the metabolizing of fat which then was being used to keep the unborn child fed and nourished while in the womb. Dr. Simeons discovered that if a dieter were taking hCG shots and participating in a low calorie diet plan that they would lose significant amounts of fat without feeling hungry or overeating. Now over fifty years later the diet has stood the test of time but what exactly is the hCG diet plan aside from using real pharmaceutical hCG?

The hCG diet is done in four phases, here they are:

Phase 1

Phase one is a cleansing phase where the dieter simply begins to cut back on sugars to prepare the body for what is to come. Some choose to take colon cleansing supplements during this time and others prefer to do it naturally.

Phase 2

This is the first time the dieter begins taking hCG, but unlike other diets the 1st two days of phase 2 includes the dieter eating as much as they wish while simultaneously taking hCG injections. This preps the body and will stop the body from going into the starvation mode when the calories become reduced.

On day three the calories are reduced to 500 calories a day from an approved foods list. Calories can be increased to 700 if there is light exercise done during the day, the 500 calorie limit could potentially lead to feelings of becoming lightheaded or fatigue if there is any sort of fitness activity added. Two liters of water should be consumed every day as well as unsweetened coffee or tea in the morning. Additionally a b12 vitamin supplement may be included if the feelings of fatigue persist.

The low calorie diet is expected to be carried out for no longer than 40 days in a row but usually this is reduced to somewhere between 28-30 days. The dieter is to weight themselves every morning after using the restroom and weight should be consistently coming off on a daily basis.

The last two days of Phase 2 will be to remain on the hCG 500 calorie diet while stopping use of the hCG.

Phase 3

Phase 3 lasts for three weeks and is designed to get your body to stay within two pounds of the weight you achieved on the diet. Fitness activities can be resumed and calories can be gradually increased but it is critical to stay within two pounds of the weight achieved in phase two. All sugars and starches should still be out of the diet at this point. This stabilizes the body and teaches the body that the new weight is indeed the healthy weight for the dieter. If for some reason the dieter exceeds two pounds of their phase two weight they are to fast the next day drinking only water and then eat a large steak for dinner accompanied by an apple or tomato.

Phase 4

Phase four is used to maintain a healthy lifestyle, by this time most of the hCG should be out of the dieters system and healthy eating habits should be observed. Sugars and starches can be reintroduced slowly but if the dieter feels they are putting weight back on they can still do the occasional steak day to keep the body close to their goal weight.

At this point the dieter should have reached and maintained their goal weight of losing up to thirty pounds. If there is more weight to lose then another round of hCG may be in order but please remember that 4 to 6 weeks off the hcg shots is desired. The plan is designed for rapid weight loss followed by a reasonable fitness and calorie plan, not a life long routine.