Sample Research Paper Template

Outline Thesis Statement in Research Paper


I. Introduction

II. Early family life

III. Adult life

IV. Career

V. Accomplishments

VI. Conclusion: Thesis (Why is this person a hero?)

Name (First and Last)
Date (5 May 2015)

(Introduction) Hook and thesis

Body #1 Early life

Body #2 Adult life

Body #3 Career

Body #4 Accomplishments

Conclusion (Thesis and answer the question “Why is this person a hero?”)

Grading Rubric

Thesis statement is one sentence.
Thesis statement has three main points.

There are notes from three sources. One source should be a book.
Works Cited page should be filled out using as notes are taken from each source
Each source should have one direct quote. The page number should be included for the book.

Finalized thesis should be written in the box on the Outline page.
Outline body paragraphs are written in sentence form. These sentences should become the topic sentence for each paragraph.

Rough draft
Introduction has a hook and a thesis.
Research paper body has two direct quotes with internal citations.
Each body paragraph has a topic sentence.
Each paragraph is indented.
There is adequate detail from research for each paragraph.
There are good transitions between ideas.
Spelling is correct.
Capitalization is correct.
Punctuation is correct.
The thesis is restated in the conclusion.

Final draft
Font should be for Verdana 12/ doublespaced.
All information should be converted from the template to actual student information.
Page numbers should be correct.
Works cited entries should be in alphabetical order.