Step by Step Procedure for Completing the Research Paper

Directions: Check each box as it is completed.

  • Download the “Sample Research Paper Template” into your student folder.
  • Choose a topic (role model) from the choices your teacher provides.
  • Have your teacher initial and date the first box “Topic.”
  • Write a working thesis statement in the box on your contract page. It can be a simple statement of why you think this person is a role model.
  • Have your teacher initial and date the second box “Working Thesis Statement.”
  • Complete all three sources by taking notes in the correct section.
  • As you choose your source capture the URL and immediately copy and paste it into the Work Cited section of your Sample Research Paper Template.
  • Make sure to copy a quote from each source. If it is a book be sure and write down the page number.
  • Have your teacher initial and date the third box “3 Sources and Notes.”
  • Since you have researched and know more about your topic, add information to your thesis on your Outline. Decide on three reasons that this person is a good role model. Make sure your thesis statement is one sentence long.
  • Summarize each paragraph into a single topic sentence.
  • Have your teacher initial and date the fourth box “Outline.”
  • Make sure that the correct information is entered on your Cover page, Outline page, and Works Cited page.
  • Using the information you have gathered in each category, begin filling in your Research section.
  • Make sure that you have at least two quotes that are correctly cited within your paper.
  • Have your teacher initial and date the fifth box “Rough Draft.”
  • Check your paper against the Grading Rubric.
  • Copy your paper.
  • Choose a peer editor to highlight spelling, capitalization, punctuation, organization, and clarity errors.
  • Have the peer editor initial and date the sixth box “Peer Edit.”
  • Using peer suggestions, make changes in your rough draft as needed. Make sure the pages on your Research Paper are numbered correctly. Make sure that you have 2 properly cited quotes.
  • Copy your final draft and turn in your Research Paper on top, your Research Paper Contract next, and your Grading Rubric.
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